Shingler Group are thrilled to announce their Apprentice Joe Shingler has won SkillBuild 2023 in the Bricklaying category!

The SkillBuild National Final 2023 took place in Milton Keynes over three days, with the top eight bricklaying apprentices in the country taking part. To have made it to the final each of the competitors would have taken part in one of twelve regional heats which had taken place across the country including Scotland and Northern Ireland with only the top eight highest scoring competitors going through to the final. The competitors had 18 hours to construction the task to the highest possible level.

Steven Wainwright, Brickwork lecturer at Shrewsbury Colleges Group says:

Shrewsbury college had been exceptionally lucky this year to have had two apprentice bricklayers making it through to the final. Joe Shingler being one of the apprentices has attended the college for the last two years on his apprenticeship programme on a one day a week basis. In this time whilst working for Shingler Homes Ltd and attending college Joe has developed and fine-tuned his bricklaying skills. Joe’s bricklaying skills, knowledge and keen interest in the industry has made him into the top bricklaying apprentice in the country, he is a credit to his company, family and Shrewsbury college with his success.

This was a fantastic achievement for Joe and Shrewsbury college with the second place being won by the college’s other competitor, this is a first for any college to have two apprentices taking first and second place in the bricklaying SkillBuild national final.

Joe quotes:

“My favourite part of the experience was meeting new people, including the judges and the other guests and sponsors attending, everybody coming from different backgrounds and from all over the country. But all having the same passion for construction was a really nice environment to be in. Although it was stressful and nerve racking, I loved every second of it and would recommend to anybody who has the opportunity to compete, to grab it with both hands and go for it.”

“I would say the SkillBuild experience was one of the best experiences of my life, I really enjoyed every day of competing and meeting other talented tradespeople at the top of their game. It’s nice to be able to represent Shingler group and Shrewsbury college when winning this award as they have helped me massively during the last two years.”