Frequently asked questions

When and how will we contact you?

  • Between 3 & 4 weeks after handover, via email, to introduce the Aftercare Service to you.
  • 6-months after handover, via email, to ask if you have any issues you would like reviewed by the Aftercare Manager
  • 2-year anniversary since handover, by post, to remind you of the details of your warranty provider and how to contact them should you require help.

When can you contact us?

  • You can contact us at any time within the 2 year period.  Our office hours are 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays

How do I know which defects are homeowner maintenance?

Examples of homeowner maintenance:

  • Condensation on internal walls
  • Normal shrinkage/cracks in plaster
  • Wastepipe emits an odour due to blockage
  • Water not draining away, the wastepipe, gully or drain is blocked
  • Brickwork affected due to frost
  • Dripping tap
  • No power – check the trip switches on the consumer unit
  • Radiator not producing heat – check for airlock
  • Protecting any garden fencing, cleaning the patio/path and mowing the grass
  • Painting external timber or render

We do not protect you against every problem that may occur and you are obliged to carry out maintenance on your home.   Please be aware that we will only deal with genuine defects. General wear and tear or damage to the property after legal completion is the homeowner’s responsibility and should not be reported to Shingler Homes.

Examples of defects covered by your Buildings & Contents Insurance:

  • Storm damage (roof/ridge tiles, chimney/eaves pointing, chimney not drawing properly, loose chimney pots)
  • Cracked downpipe due to accidental damage
  • Bath, basin or sink are cracked/damaged due to accidental damage
  • Cracked/leaking wastepipe due to accidental damage
  • Drainage above ground is leaking, due to accidental damage cracked pipe
  • Electrical installation due to accidental damage

Living on or Visiting a Construction Site

Customers, visitors and residents on our developments – Shingler Homes pays the highest regard to Health & Safety and with this in mind we would like to bring the following points to the attention of visitors and occupiers:

NEVER enter any areas of construction, fenced & warning signs in place, unless accompanied by a member of Shingler Homes staff and wearing the correct protective clothing.

ADHERE TO all warning signs when on site.

DON’T climb on ladders or scaffolds; they are for the use of trained personnel only.

REMIND children of the dangers of construction sites and always keep them with you when visiting.  Children need to be accompanied by an adult at all times.

BE AWARE of delivery vehicles and machinery drivers as they may not be able to see you.

CHECK your speed; whilst the site is work in progress, you will see that the roads and pathways have a temporary surface, and there will be raised ironworks.  These areas will be tarmacked when the development is nearing completion, so please be careful when entering/exiting the development. 

PARK with care; do not block access routes which emergency services might have to use.

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