10 Year New Home Warranty

The first 2 years in your new home

Your Shingler Homes warranty, which lasts for 2 years from the date of legal completion, covers items in addition to what is covered in the NHBC Buildmark cover (or similar warranty provider).  For that period, we guarantee items supplied as part of your new home, covering defects caused by either faulty workmanship or materials.

Please note, this covers:

  • Items reported at the home demonstration.
  • Rainwater system (guttering) is covered for 1 year.
  • Burglar alarm systems are covered for 1 year.
  • Breakdown of appliances (which are supplied and fitted by Shingler Homes) for a period of 2 years, appliance warranty cards need to be completed and registered with the appropriate manufacturer by the customer.
  • Heating, plumbing and electrical systems are covered for 2 years from legal completion. Please note it is your responsibility to have the boiler, pump and cylinder serviced annually by a qualified engineer, as failure to do so can invalidate any warranty.
  • Sealed window units and patio/patio doors are covered for 2 years from legal completion.

Our warranty does not cover:

  • Problems with any workmanship, materials or appliances that you have bought or added to the property.
  • Damage caused by storms or, accidentally, by negligence, abuse or poor maintenance of the property or appliances. This includes blockages caused by inappropriate disposal of waste.
  • Any cosmetic defects such as scratches, chips or marks that have not been reported within 7 days of the legal completion. This includes decoration, flooring, tiling, textured ceilings, kitchen units, fitted bedroom and bathroom furniture, worktops, sinks, sanitary ware, appliances, glass, and other similar items.
  • Any problems caused by natural shrinkage or condensation
  • Any inconvenience, distress, consequential loss of enjoyment, or income loss caused by remedial works, assuming all reasonable steps have been taken by Shingler Homes to minimise disruption.
  • Any verbal communication/agreement.
  • Storm damage – All new homes are built to exacting standards. However, even the toughest of structures can be susceptible to storm damage. Neither the NHBC or similar warranty providers,  and Shingler Homes warranties cover storm damage to your home. The Association of British Insurers advises homeowners experiencing storm damage to contact their buildings insurance company in the first instance.

Remaining 8 Year New Home Warranty

Once you reach the 2-year anniversary in your home our initial obligations under the warranty expire, and the remaining 8 years will continue with your warranty provider. 

From now until the 10th anniversary of your moving in date, you should report any suspected warrantable defects directly to your warranty provider themselves to determine liability. Please note that your claim may or may not involve us, depending on the nature/scale of the problem.

We will of course comply with any recommendations from the warranty provider, and will abide by any instructions given by them, both during and after their investigations. 

If you still have an unresolved issue which you have reported to us within the initial 2-year warranty period we will deal with this ourselves in the normal way.

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