Midlands Air Ambulance Jail or Bail Event

Jail or Bail is an event organised by Midlands Air Ambulance charity. Hosted in the Dana Prison in Shrewsbury on Friday 7th of July, detainees will spend the night in prison and have just 24 hours to raise their £600 bail. The money will go towards helping fund Midlands Air Ambulance life saving missions.

We have nominated our contracts manager Keith Sudlow to complete the task. Keith’s colleagues at Shingler Group will choose a variety of challenges for him to undertake whilst locked up in the prison, to make his experience as gruelling as possible!

Keith explained why getting involved in Jail or Bail is so important to him…

Why is this event important for you?

Even though most of us luckily don’t have to use the Air Ambulance service, we are so grateful it is there. Seeing the recognisable red helicopter is a sobering experience, as you know its going to someone in distress. The crew are incredibly skilled at what they do, and the fact they operate with no government funding is incredible. The cost involved for the flight, maintenance and equipment amounts to almost £3,000 per helicopter mission. What we can raise from this event will help the team continue to save lives and provide a vital service for those across the Midlands.

What are you most looking forward to?

Even though spending a night in the Dana Prison is daunting, I am most looking forward to the slamming of the prison door at ‘lights out’, that’s when I feel it will sink in that I really am locked up.

What do you think will be the biggest challenge?

Being locked up in a cell, I’m definitely out of my comfort zone. Also, the fear of the unknown challenges that will take place.

The prison is famously haunted, are you afraid you will see some ghosts?

I would love to do a night walk and see some ghosts; they don’t scare me (yet!).

What do you want to take away from this experience?

I want to raise as much money and awareness as I can. I’m really looking forward to the experience and can’t wait to get in the Dana and challenge myself for this fantastic cause.

Keith’s Go Fund Me Page will be made live when he goes into the prison on Friday 7th July. Any donations are very kindly appreciated and will go towards Midlands Air Ambulance lifesaving missions. If you would like to donate in advance, please contact Holly.

Email holly.tarbuck@shinglergroup.co.uk, or call 01939 291082.