We’re looking for development land…

Shingler Homes is always on the lookout to acquire development land for new homes.  If you own appropriate property or development land within Shropshire and you would like to discuss its sale to Shingler Homes, please contact Jeremy Shingler on 01939 291082 or email Shingler Homes.

Working with property developers…

Alternatively, Shingler Construction work with our property developer clients to deliver a high quality service that maximises the value of their land and property assets.  We understand the planning and development process, and our expert service is backed up with local market knowledge and hands on experience.  We offer:

  • Strategic planning and development advice – based on our local knowledge of Shropshire, and the surrounding counties;
  • Project management and planning;
  • Valuations and development appraisals;
  • The complete home building process.

We take pride in our approach to business and work closely with landowners to ensure that our developments compliment and enhance the area within which they are built. We have the resources to ensure any land purchase proceeds smoothly and quickly towards completion with a minimum of fuss for the vendor.

Thank you for reading.