Welcome to Boreatton Fields!

Shingler Homes are proud to be a local housebuilder, delivering quality, stylish and well-designed family homes across Shropshire. We are a family business with the same aspirations for our communities as the people that live within them. We know that our developments help to shape communities for generations to come, which is why it is so important to us that our vision and design stands the test of time.

Development should be about sustainability and climate change has now placed the emphasis firmly on improving and enhancing biodiversity. We live in a beautiful, rural county and therefore it is critical that any development seeks to protect the natural infrastructure and create a better environment for our valuable and treasured wildlife.

All of our developments provide affordable housing for local people as well as public open space for recreation and enjoyment. We also pay very significant contributions to community infrastructure which is designed to improve local facilities and amenities which could be placed under more pressure from additional housing.

Housing development is an emotive and sensitive subject. We have a significant, national housing shortage with the reliance being placed predominantly on private companies to address. Despite this, developers often have a bad name. Part of the reason for this is a lack of engagement with communities which creates mistrust. However, there can also be a lack of awareness and understanding which means the facts are all too often distorted or even missed entirely. As a local developer we seek to provide the required housing, with sensitive designs, while delivering sustainable developments which both ourselves and our communities can be proud of.

Therefore, we have taken the time to list below some key features and benefits of this development. We hope this helps to raise awareness of the obligations placed on developers as well as highlight the additional steps we take to enhance our communities.

  • This scheme will provide 37 private homes and 6 affordable homes. Two of these affordable dwellings will be shared ownership, allowing local people to purchase their own home
  • Development of a brownfield site and a significant aesthetic improvement
  • We will be providing 4170m² of Public Open Space and wildflower meadows, with ornamental and native shrub planting for wildlife foraging along with Crocus and Daffodil bulb planting
  • 50 new native trees will be planted along with 36 bat and bird boxes to support local species
  • Over 100 linear metres of new hedgerow will be planted as well as the preservation of all existing perimeter hedgerows
  • Individual plots will have carefully selected shrubbery planted to support pollinating insects
  • Insect hotels will be provided to create valuable habitats for a wide range of insect species
  • Specialist fencing will be installed to preserve ‘hedgehog highways’ which allows hedgehogs to pass freely throughout the site
  • A financial contribution of £6,950 will be made to support the provision of visitor management measures at the Colemere Ramsar site
  • Community Infrastructure Levy of £534,391 will be paid to support and improve local infrastructure
  • In addition to affordable housing provided, a contribution of £40,500 will be made to allow Shropshire Council to deliver more affordable housing in the county

In addition to the above, the following community benefits will be provided:

  • An area of half an acre adjacent to the old railway station has been removed from the development plans to allow for car parking should the railway station re-open in the future
  • The development spine road has been taken to the southern boundary of the site which would allow for a future road link to Eyton Lane. This would help to alleviate congestion caused at school drop-off and pick-up times at The Corbet School
  • 6 new commercial units will be provided which will help support local business and employment
  • The reinstatement of the bridleway which will link Station Road with public rights of way leading to Eyton Lane
  • Improved access to the fire station

We look forward to welcoming you to our fantastic new development.

Article written by Richard McEvilly, Shingler Group’s Head of Land and Planning.

Thank you for reading